Have a healthy body

Having a healthy body has so much to do with having healthy hair. Hair follicles require a good supply of nutrients due to their high turnover rate.10 So there are many things that you can do: an adequate and balanced nutrition is known to influence the integrity of your hair.11 Try to avoid an overall nutritional deficiency or a shortage of a specific nutrient. All of this can have a potential impact on the quantity and quality of your hair.12 In addition to sufficient calorie and protein intake, you also need to make sure that you have enough micronutrients including vitamins, essential fatty acids and minerals in your diet. This is vital, as micronutrients are known to facilitate normal functioning of several proteins in our body including keratin, the hair protein.5,10

Have a healthy scalp

Healthy hair thrives on a healthy scalp. Whenever possible, treat yourself to a thorough hair wash and scalp massage by a professional or a dear one. Even you can do it yourself quite easily. Place the tips of your fingers with gentle pressure on your head, moving slowly in circles over the scalp, as well as other areas such as neck, temples and around the ears. Also keep your scalp clean by washing with a mild shampoo. Brush your hair thoroughly before washing. First foam up the shampoo in your hands and then apply to your hair, shampoo only briefly. Always rinse out shampoo thoroughly (5 x longer rinsing than washing), and use cool water for the last rinse.

Have a healthy hair

In our quest for beautiful hair, we often end up damaging our hair, with subsequent hair loss. The good news is that simple changes can prevent further hair damage.13 Excessive hairstyling or hairstyles that pull your hair tight, as well as hot oil hair treatments and perms can lead to hair loss, and are best avoided if you want healthy hair.9 You can also prevent damage to your hair by avoiding excess heat when blow-drying your hair and protecting hair against sun rays. It is also advised to use wide combs, wear the hair loose and avoid rubbing the hair dry whenever possible.13

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