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Dry Without Damaging

Drying hair the wrong way can be detrimental to your hair’s health. Avoid daily hair damage by following this method:

A women drying her hair with blanket
  • After bath, gently squeeze dry your hair with a towel to remove dripping water
  • Let your hair air-dry naturally
A women drying her hair with blow-dryer

Blow-drying tips:

Blow-drying your hair over and over can cause cracks on the hair cuticle*, causing your hair to be weak, thin, frizzy and generally lackluster. If you cannot avoid blow-drying, follow these tips to minimize the damage.

  • Keep your hairdryer 15cm away from your head*
  • Dry with a continuous motion
  • Use the lowest temperature setting
  • Blow dry only once a week, or less
  • Use hot combs or curling irons for short durations
A women applying cream after shower

Plopping - Drying hair without heat

“Plopping” is a technique of drying hair (usually curly hair) by wrapping a towel or cotton T-shirt on the head. This technique claims to keep your curls intact, reduce frizz and increase hair volume. Other tips for curly hair:

  • Curly hair is best combed while wet
  • Use a wide-tooth comb for best results
  • Do not pull or tug to remove tangles
  • Use a conditioner to avoid tangles

Learn from Peers & Experts

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